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NicoB Banner Entry by CTOONfan1 NicoB Banner Entry :iconctoonfan1:CTOONfan1 15 3 Nightmare Scourge by CTOONfan1 Nightmare Scourge :iconctoonfan1:CTOONfan1 13 3 Telepo the Hedgehog 2015 - with Clouds by CTOONfan1 Telepo the Hedgehog 2015 - with Clouds :iconctoonfan1:CTOONfan1 1 0 Telepo the Hedgehog 2015 by CTOONfan1 Telepo the Hedgehog 2015 :iconctoonfan1:CTOONfan1 1 0 Sonic be Boomin' by CTOONfan1 Sonic be Boomin' :iconctoonfan1:CTOONfan1 5 0
SatAC: The Retelling Chpt. 2
Sonic and the Ability Crystals
The Retelling
Chapter 2

Knuckles placed the unconscious boy on one of the beds in their room. He was sharing a room with Tails, while Sonic and Amy were sleeping in two separate rooms. While they didn’t want to spend too much for their vacation, Sonic wasn’t insane.
As he sits down to rest, he asks the others, “So now what?”
“Now what?” Sonic parroted questioningly. “Now we call a medical professional! This kid’s definitely not well.”
“I was more asking what we do about food,” Knuckles retorted. “I’m starving. Haven’t had anything to eat since breakfast.”
How are you so freaking dense?!” Sonic screamed. “Don’t you care at all that this guy passed out and we’ve just basically kidnapped him in our hotel room?!”
“Look. I’ve done some physical activities to the point of passing out before,” Knuckles exp
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SatAC: The Retelling Chpt. 1
Sonic and the Ability Crystals
The Retelling
Chapter 1

"You've gotta admit. It's great to take a break."
Amy Rose relaxed in her folding chair as she watched the waves roll in and out from the ocean. She couldn't remember the last time things were this peaceful. Sonic had agreed that since it seemed like Eggman wasn't attacking them lately and everything was getting boring back home, a trip away would be good for them.
They have travelled to a small town far away from Emerald Town, far enough where the good doctor probably wouldn't locate them. It was a place called Hericous, named after some explorer that she couldn't remember much about. It was all in the brochure she read. Whoever he was, she wanted to shake his hand. The beach was clean, the waves weren't too big, and the mountains in the distance added to the scenery. Of course the man is long dead, so she'll not exactly get that chance.
Sonic was relaxing on a beach towel, slurping a lemonade as he enjoyed his friends havi
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Green Hill Games Act 2: Telepo by CTOONfan1 Green Hill Games Act 2: Telepo :iconctoonfan1:CTOONfan1 4 15 Ask Telepo: Slender by CTOONfan1 Ask Telepo: Slender :iconctoonfan1:CTOONfan1 4 0 Spider-Po by CTOONfan1 Spider-Po :iconctoonfan1:CTOONfan1 2 3 Ask Telepo - Dealing with Depression by CTOONfan1 Ask Telepo - Dealing with Depression :iconctoonfan1:CTOONfan1 5 0 Short and Telepo - Expert Karters by CTOONfan1 Short and Telepo - Expert Karters :iconctoonfan1:CTOONfan1 4 0 Ask Robotnik Guest Answer 2 by CTOONfan1 Ask Robotnik Guest Answer 2 :iconctoonfan1:CTOONfan1 0 5 Ask Robotnik Guest Answer 1 by CTOONfan1 Ask Robotnik Guest Answer 1 :iconctoonfan1:CTOONfan1 1 2 Chilly Turndown by CTOONfan1 Chilly Turndown :iconctoonfan1:CTOONfan1 16 2
Swapped Epilogue
It was a dark morning for Swipe. Her new cell was placed in a windowless, dimly lit area of the prison. It was a cell at the end of an extremely long hallway where there was absolutely nothing but her cell. She guessed it made sense. Keeping her away from other people probably would stop what happened last time she escaped.
They didn't even bother giving her prison clothes. They didn't even search her. Not much she could do with anything anyway. The door at the end of the hallway was so locked up, it was more lock than door. They were pretty confident in themselves. A little too confident if she could say so.
She was still upset about her loss. Her whole life, she was told getting the job done was more important that anything, no matter how big or small the job. For once in her life, she failed a job. She knew you couldn't win them all, and she knew how she became slightly insane trying to outsmart the Blue Barf. Still didn't make her failure sting any less.
She heard
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Sorry for not having anything new for so long, guys. I have several projects that I want to work on, but I never have the time when I want to work and when I have the time I don't feel like it. Hopefully I'll inch forward on my stuff and get something new soon.

Mainly I wanted to make this journal entry so I could stop looking at Rise of Lyric every time I went to my page. At least the TV show's good.


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Hi people who browse deviantART! I'm CTOONfan1! I'm a guy who just enjoys drawing Sonic. I also write fan fictions, like the SatAC series. Thanks for coming to my page. CTOON out!

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Honestly, while I'll miss the Knothole Freedom Fighters, I'm perfectly fine with IDW starting a whole new universe with a completely blank slate, and I'm actually excited to see what they come up with.
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